Managing European diversity in lifelong learning

200 case studies in 11 EU-countries:
role models that prove that lifelong learning is always possible in any context, country and culture; and that there are always shared elements that make it possible to make a manageable tool for lifelong learning out of the valuation- and validation-principles.

European Observatory of non-formal and informal activities

Together with partner experts from 24 countries of the European Union representing the different educational sectors (higher education, vocational education and training, adult education) the project has produced and collected different materials and documents.

Recognition of Prior Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate how Credit-based qualifications will make the transition from being RPLO-neutral to being RPLO-friendly, using best practice from UK and EU projects and research, including the Cedefop study on the Recognition and Validation of Non-formal and Informal Learning for VET Teachers/Trainers.

A Lifelong Learning University Model

The LLL perspective is the backbone of the European education and training strategy. This strategy has been reinforced by additional initiatives aiming to contribute to the results of surveys (Treds V, Beflex) show a contrasted situation between countries and institutions. There is no common understanding, no real commitment from a majority of rectors, no clear … Read more

Access to Lifelong Learning in Higher Education

in ALLinHE social and economic mobility is strengthened by developing VPL-approaches to link target groups to European HE-learning opportunities. The project allows learners to use their learning achievements, gained through different life-activities to broaden future learning opportunities.

Transatlantic Lifelong Learning

TRALL sought to strengthen the role of HEIs in offering LLL-opportunities that respond to social, cultural, economic and environmental needs of society; and using tools and strategies that allow for the recognition, validation and accreditation of non-formal and informal learning.

European Studies and Research in Adult Learning and Education

Redesigning the existing European Master in Adult Education making higher education more open and accessible by validation (assessment) of relevant kinds of learning outcomes/VNIL, making curricula more flexible, designing modules on VPL, assessment, counselling, self-management of competencies.

Work Life Guidance

Worklife guidance is an answer to the demand and needs for guidance and counselling arising at the workplace, among employees. It is one form of guidance and unites different methods of guidance focused on employees.

Validation for inclusion of new citizens in Europe

VINCE is specifically working on validation issues for refugees and migrants at higher education level. It links this issue of inclusion to the contribution from NGOs, working in the field with this target group.